C.H.C. Total is a multi-faceted company formed in 1959.   For over 50 years, C.H.C. Total, has maintained a  reputation of safety and reliability to all our loyal customers in the Metro Detroit area.

From the auto industry, to the major Banking centers, we maintain an honest and eco-friendly conscience, along with our commitment to providing economical quality service to the community.


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C.H.C. Total Is your


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  • Interior & Exterior Commercial Construction & Remodeling        
  • Warehouse Rack System Construction & Remodeling 
  • Excavating & Demolition
  • Landscaping & Snow Removal 
  • Janitorial Cleaning & Total Building Maintenance

C.H.C. Total believes our honest reputation and professional approach, to their business, is what our customers have enjoyed during our long term relationships.  We are there, when they need us and ready to help, on a moment's notice. 

Whatever your needs: Summer lawn care, Winter snow removal, building maintenance, mechanical or electrical, new construction or remodeling needs.